How To Install CyberPanel On CentOS 7

  • How To Install CyberPanel On CentOS 7
  • Posted On : 2021-06-28 16:18:15 PM


CyberPanel is a free and open-source web hosting control panel. The main difference between this panel and the others is the webserver it employs. There are two options: we may use OpenLiteSpeed, which is the open-source version of the LiteSpeed web server, or we can use LiteSpeed Enterprise if necessary.

The following are the installation procedures for a Centos 7-based server:

Login to the server as root.

Run a yum update: # yum update -y

Download the installer: # wget -O

Correct the permissions and run the script:
# chmod 755
# sh

It will prompt you with three alternatives. Please pick the first option, thus type 1 and press enter, to install the panel.

When we pick the first option, it will ask us which web server we want to utilize. If we need to use OpenLiteSpeed, please choose 1 once more.

Then it will prompt you for the default admin password.

You can provide a password by picking the options, or you can choose a random password by selecting the option 'r'

Then it will ask you several yes/no questions about certain JS and PHP applications. You can select one of the alternatives based on your needs. Once everything is selected, the installation will begin and will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.

Once it is done, you will get the login URL, passwords, etc.

The URL will be https://(YOUR_SERVER_IP):8090

This tutorial created by the HostSailor support team

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